• Cyber-attack risk on nuclear weapons systems ‘relatively high’ – thinktank

    Author: Goran Kunjadić / Date: 14.01.2018

    Lack of skilled staff, slowness of institutional change exposes UK and US capabilities, warns Chatham House US, British and other nuclear weapons systems are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks, according to a new study by the international relations thinktank Chatham House.

  • Meltdown and Spectre: All Macs, iPhones and iPads affected

    Author: Goran Kunjadić / Date: 07.01.2018

    Apple has said that all iPhones, iPads and Mac computers are affected by two major flaws in computer chips. It emerged this week that tech companies have been racing to fix the Meltdown and Spectre bugs, that could allow hackers to steal data. Billions of PCs, smartphones and tablets around the world are affected – […]

  • 7 Crypto Predictions For 2018

    Author: Goran Kunjadić / Date: 31.12.2017

    At time of writing, bitcoin attracts more attention from web searchers than everyday staples like “food,” “water,” and “coffee.” Given the rapid, seemingly uncontrolled growth in bitcoin prices as of late, we’d be remiss not to mention that bitcoin eclipsed “cancer” in worldwide search interest sometime in November 2017. Although the total value of the […]

  • Edward Snowden’s Haven app turns your laptop into a security system

    Author: Goran Kunjadić / Date: 24.12.2017

    Most sensitive users of technology, especially those in journalism and activism, have to fear online surveillance and hacking. To help alleviate that fear, on 22nd December the NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden and a team of collaborators have launched a new Android app called Haven. The app will help Journalists and others in protecting their information.

  • Cybersecurity report 2017: Africa in Top 10 targeted regions

    Author: Goran Kunjadić / Date: 17.12.2017

    As we draw closer to the end of the year, 2017 has seen more malware samples created each day than in the entire 20th Century. The targets have changed, the techniques have become more sophisticated, the attack vectors have multiplied, and the tools are more precisely designed. Attackers are meticulously studying their victims to adapt […]

  • Current Landscape in SA Cyber Law

    Author: Goran Kunjadić / Date: 10.12.2017

    Internet, networks of networks, is an excellent way of getting in touch with people and making contacts. Internet is also a tool for the development of digital surveillance on a very large scale. This brings us to the threatened position of our freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of movement (the right to travel freely within […]

  • Here’s the NSA Employee Who Kept Top Secret Documents at Home

    Author: Goran Kunjadić / Date: 03.12.2017

    A former employee—who worked for an elite hacking group operated by the U.S. National Security Agency—pleaded guilty on Friday to illegally taking classified documents home, which were later stolen by Russian hackers.  

  • Offsetting Asymmetry With Automation

    Author: Goran Kunjadić / Date: 26.11.2017

    In the security world, there is a truism that defense (protecting systems) is harder than offense (breaking into systems) because it’s an asymmetric playing field. The bad guys need only find one path into an environment — one place where everything hasn’t been done exactly “just so” and perfectly — while those charged with securing […]

  • Banking Trojan Gains Ability to Steal Facebook, Twitter and Gmail Accounts

    Author: Goran Kunjadić / Date: 19.11.2017

    #Cybersecurity is the one of the most important topics in cyber world. But for the #banks it is among the top priorities. Security researchers have discovered a new, sophisticated form of malware based on the notorious Zeus banking Trojan that steals more than just bank account details. Trojan

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